Dell PowerEdge 2950
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Dell PowerEdge 2950

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Quick Overview

The compact 2U form factor and high-performance processing power of the new PowerEdge 2950 enables customers to either replace older 2U servers with higher performing units or replace older, larger servers of similar speed to the PowerEdge 2950 to open rack space for expansion.

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Product Description

In terms of virtualization, the 2950 offers Intel Virtualization Technology (VT). This is built into the chipset to virtualize multiple workloads onto a physical server. It is said to increase utilization, and improve efficiency as well as return on investment.

Waugh also points out that Dell is the leading VMware reseller. She touts the 2950 as the perfect fit for virtual machines and server consolidation.

“The PowerEdge 2950 is an ideal platform for virtualization,” she says. “It has been designed to deliver the performance required to efficiently host multiple virtualized workloads.”

The server comes with a three-year warranty and has been generally available for several months. Although it comes in literally thousands of permutations, Dell simplified things by laying out three key configuration options.

“We have noticed three basic buying criteria: performance, energy or price sensitive,” says Waugh.

The low-cost base model has a single dual-core Intel Xeon 3 GHz processor, 1GB memory and an 80GB SATA 3.5-inch hard drive for a price of $1,699 (without an installed operating system).

The PowerEdge 2950 Energy Smart server uses one dual-core Xeon 5148 low-volt 2.33GHz processor. It has 4GB RAM and a 36B SAS drive, for a price of $3,298 (again, the operating system is not included). Energy Smart components also include Energy Smart power supplies, fans and BIOS.

“The 2950 Energy Smart model is a distinctly different machine from the regular 2950,” says Waugh.

The PowerEdge 2950 high-performance model comes with quad-core Xeon 5355 2.66GHz processors, 16GB RAM and three 146GB SAS (15,000 rpm) drives. It has a Dell Remote Access Card for remote management and RAID 5 capabilities.

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